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Contract Management


Often organisations feel overwhelmed with managing their supplier contracts and knowing that savings can go unrealised. Our Contract Register tool puts you back in control, giving you a simple way to manage contracts. So that you can save your organisation money and help fullfill its mission.

Why A Contract Register?


Designed with you in mind

We've made this app simple to use, taking the complexity out of contract management. It is flexible enough to manage contracts the way you want. Giving you one place to go for all your contracts instead of hunting around for them.

Who's it for?

Contract Lifecycle Management is a pain to manage for lots of different organisations across different sectors. We have seen schools, charities, businesses and churches all gain the benefit of using a contract register tool.

Fit for your organisation's needs

The Contract Register allows you to create multiple entities that you can use to separate contracts out by. Wether it is 5 contracts or 50,000, our Contract Register tool is fast can scale to your needs. It even has its own API that your developers can use to link it to other apps.

Graphical & Historical view of your contracts

If you want to see your spend over time, or a break down of spend by category or via a supplier, we have you covered.

Set up reminders and notifications

Be notified and reminded just at the right moment when you need to deal with an expiring contract. Enabling you to take advantage of a renegotiation or a change of supplier.

Custom access control

Invite your colleagues to join you in managing the contracts. You can set them up to see only the contracts that you want them to see. Keeping sensitive contracts viewable only to the people you specify.


We built the Contract Register tool with security in mind. We use the latest technologies to hash and encrypt your password.

One simple no brainer price

When you sign up to the Contract Register you get a 7 day free trail, then a simple £50.00 (reduced from £80) per year subscription.

A no brainer pricing model

Annual subscription

A simple contract management lifecycle application
£ 50 Discounted Annually Price
  • 7 days free trail
  • All the features
  • Continuously developed
  • New features arriving all the time
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"Contract renewals usually means contract rollovers and seemingly inevitable price increases or total loss of service. With this simple, user-friendly tool you can keep on top of all your organisations contract renewals. The easy to view layout makes prioritising your contracts really straight forward and the handy contract expiry reminders help you to save time and money. Contract Register will help prevent you, and your organisation, from getting stung by out of contract prices or locked in to a bad contract ever again. Sign up and see today...."
Robert Kissick
Robert Kissick
CEO, 2buy2

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